Phillip Chester Bellefeuille's Story

I was born in Lowell, Mass., but grew up in Syracuse, NY. (during the spring time in my younger years, family and friends would gather for picnics and all us kids would have to pick dandelions to   continue reading

Ambrose Denfeld's Story

I was born November 23, 1920 in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Raised on a farm, I was there until my first year of High School.  My family moved to Portland where I went to Roosevelt High.  In   continue reading

Mel Baldivia’s Story

I was born in Mexico in 1919.  I came to America with my family when I was 3.  We moved to Southern California  near Pomona and San Dimas.  I worked in the orchards picking citrus   continue reading

Loren Myring’s Story

“I was born April 18, 1925 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.   I had two older sisters and dad was a machinist…and mom… well she passed away when I was 8 years old.  Dad   continue reading

Leonard Premselaar's Story

I was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 16, 1926.  Some memories of my youth involved playing baseball and I was signed as a “Bonus” baby with the Brooklyn Dodgers for $2000 in   continue reading

John Spence’s Story

I was born in 1918 in Centerville, Tennessee.  My dad was the local sheriff so I tell everyone that I was in jail for my first six years.  I lost my dad when I was 9.  He was ambushed   continue reading

Irene Richardson’s Story

She was born a on a chilly October morning – and as bred to volunteer and it came as natural to her as breathing air. Living on a farm during World War II, some of her earliest memories include   continue reading

Frank Deal's Story

I was born in 1927 at Rainier, Oregon. When I was little, my mom and dad divorced.  My dad remarried and had three more kids.  Times were tough and I could take care of myself.  I left   continue reading


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