Phillip Chester Bellefeuille's Story

I was born in Lowell, Mass., but grew up in Syracuse, NY. (during the spring time in my younger years, family and friends would gather for picnics and all us kids would have to pick dandelions to make wine we were paid a penny a dozen.  (To this day I hate dandelions) 
When ww2 broke out I chose to join the United States Marines Corps., because I liked their dress uniform., but I never had a dress uniform.

I went to basic training at Parris Island and then went to camp Lejeune for advanced training.  Then we all got on a train and ended up at camp Pendleton, Cal.  This is when we were connected up with more troops to form a larger group. (more training)
On Jan.  13, 1944 we boarded ships at San Diego and headed west.  As we were passing Hawaii we were told where we were headed, (Roi-Namur).  First combat, 18 days after we left San Diego.

Feb. 21 thru 25 we arrived on Maui (regroup) (more training)
Then on May 29, 1944 we sailed for Saipan along with a whole lot of other ships.  So on June 15 we hit the beaches of Saipan.  25 days later we took control of Saipan.  I was injured on Saipan, my fox hole buddy bill Leach noticed blood on my right leg (I didn’t know I had been hit with shrapnel.  (received the Purple Heart for this wound)

During my time on Saipan bill and I had dug this fox hole and then the rain came (again) and filled it with water, we tried to keep it bailed out with our helments , but desided to just lay on the edge, during the night I felt something licking my face, (I was scared to open my eyes, but when I did I saw a cow in my face)
Three miles away was the island of Tinian.  The invasion was set for July 24, 1944. We secured it on August 1.

Then we boarded ships again and returned to Maui.  Regroup and (more training )
Then on Feb 19, 1945 we hit the beaches of Iwo Jima.  I didn’t see the flag go up on Mt. Suribachi , I was to close to base to see the top.  On March 4th I saw the first B-29 land on airfield No. 1.

I left the island on March 19, 1945 and boarded ship and the convoy sailed for Maui. 
There weren’t enough of us left to continue further combat.
Then the war ended, and I sailed back to San Diego.

I sailed on 16 different ships during this time spent 63 days in combat, and spent many more floating on the ocean.

I am lance corpal Phillip chester  Bellefeuille, (frenchie to some) I was in the 3rd Battalion , 14th Marine Reg. 4th Division, H&S Artillery Battery

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